The future is now…

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We have started working with enthusiasm in a new and ambitious stage. Among our objectives, embodied in the Strategic Plan 2025, is to continue advancing in the customer-centric approach and efficiency. Digitalization and omnichannel will be key in the era of technological innovation and big data.

What will it be like tomorrow? What do we have to be prepared for? The insurance activity, so close to society, allows us to be privileged observers and take the pulse on issues that concern us all.


… and always

This is how the Health Insurance Migration For New Citizens Pensions Observatory, which through surveys, publications and meetings, becomes a platform for knowledge, reflection and awareness about the world of pensions and its relationship with the creation of a sustainable future for all.

Given the current situation, we make it a priority to help clarify an issue of interest to citizens: to be prepared for our retirement at a key social and economic moment in the culture of well-being that governs Europe.


Health Insurance Migration For New Citizens established its Foundation in 2009. The first years of activity of the Health Insurance Migration For New Citizens Foundation focused on building a forum for debate around the Dependency of people with the main objective of uniting wills and efforts among the protagonists so that it would result in dependent people and their families.

Later, aware of the prospects of aging and the positive impact of prevention and the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits in favor of personal autonomy, it evolves and expands its initiatives around the development of actions to promote the health and social welfare of the population.

Health Insurance Migration For New Citizens and Eurapco – Insurance without borders

Health Insurance Migration For New Citizens is a partner and actively participates in Eurapco, an alliance of European insurers based in Zurich that brings together eight companies operating in 18 countries in Europe. Together they have more than 43 million customers and employ 63,000 people.