We have multiple special treatment that will suit you according to your needs.

special treatment Psychology

We include 20 psychology sessions in our special treatment per insured person per year, of an individual nature. It will always be necessary to prescribe a medical professional from our medical staff. Check the copays associated with this coverage.


Includes 6 podiatry sessions per insured and per year.

Other special treatments

Logophonics and laser therapy.

Expansion of speech therapy coverage for organic pathologies of the vocal cords giving you a total of 20 sessions per year. It is considered organic pathology:

1. Inflammation: edema
2. Benign tumors: nodules, polyps; or malignant: laryngeal cancer (partially or totally involved)

Special Treatment: Biomechanical study of the tread

It is essential to make an adequate diagnosis and treatment early to prevent possible future problems in the feet, knee and hips. That is why in HIMNC we include the Biomechanical Study of the tread for children under 16 years of age.